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  • Can I purchase tickets on-site?
    Tickets can only be purchased through advance reservations. Separate announcement will be made for on-site sales.
  • Can I freely enter and exit the venue after I receive my wristband?
    In order to prevent illegal trading of tickets, there will be no re-entry into the venue (including ticket booth and F&B area) once you receive your wristband. This policy is intended to protect those who purchased tickets through official ticket sites, so we ask for your kind understanding.
  • If I cannot attend the festival, can I sell my ticket through another website or transfer it to a friend?
    Transferring or trading tickets among individuals is illegal. Both the seller and the buyer may be subject to civil and criminal action, so please only purchase tickets through the official ticket sites. If you are unable to attend the festival, please get a refund from the ticket site where you made the purchase.
  • Is QR code check available?
    QR code check will be available on-site. Please look at the map to check the location. Please take a good care of your electronic devices and belongings as they may get wet due to various water special effects. If you plan on using your cellphone during the show, please remember to bring a waterproof phone pouch. The organizer, artist, and venue will not be held responsible for damages on your belongings from water special effects. Also, please have all valuables with you at all times. The organizer will not be held responsible for lost or stolen belongings. ※ You may keep the vinyl pouch to take your wet clothes back home.
  • Can I charge my phone on-site?
    Paid phone charge service is available only for smartphones.
  • Can I smoke inside the venue?
    Please only smoke at the designated smoking areas. This includes electronic cigarettes.
  • Will there be changing rooms?
    Yes, there will be changing rooms on-site. Please take note that there may be waiting time. Please bring a change of clothes and a towel.
  • Are there enough washrooms on-site?
    Yes, there will be enough washrooms for your convenience. Please look at the map to check the location.
  • How can I purchase food and drinks on-site?
    At WATERBOMB 2024, you will need a credit card or a debit card to purchase food and drinks at the site and online. Please take note cash will not be taken on-site.
  • Is there a limit on clothing or shoes?
    The floor may be slippery due to water special effects depending on the type of shoes you wear. Therefore, we recommend you to avoid wearing flip-flops or heels as they may lead to accidents. Instead, please wear sandals with straps or shoes that can protect your feet. As for your outfit, we recommend beach wear and rash guard. However, please avoid wearing inappropriate clothing that may cause discomfort to others.
  • What if I’m not feeling well during the show?
    As this festival involves water special effects and various water entertainment, you may be exposed to water for a long time. If you are exposed to water for a long time, your body temperature may go down, so please bring an extra change of clothes and a towel and take enough breaks in between. Also, you may get sunburn if you are exposed to the sun when you are wet. Therefore, please remember to use sunscreen not only on your face but also on your legs and arms. In the case of emergency, please inform the nearest staff or security and go to the emergency booth to check your condition.
  • Will there be official press on the show day?
    Yes, there will be official press as well as the media on-site to record the festival. The materials will be used for post promotion and broadcasted on various programs. The organizer, artist, and sponsor will not be held responsible for issues regarding the audience’s right of likeness. The photos and videos will be released through our official Facebook page.
  • Can I take pictures or videos at the festival?
    Phones are allowed but the use of professional cameras (DSLR level and above) is prohibited at the festival. Please be aware that taking photos and videos of artists during their performance is related to copyright and right of likeness and may lead to legal action. We strictly forbid anyone from taking pictures or videos at changing rooms and washrooms, as well as certain body parts of another individual. If found, not only will your phones and cameras be confiscated but you could potentially face criminal charges upon being escorted out of the festival.
  • Can I bring food or drink to the festival?
    There will be a bag check at the gate. Sharp objects, including knife or scissors, as well as dangerous items, including fireworks and explosives, are strictly prohibited. Also, all food and drink except water is prohibited. If you bring prohibited item inside the venue, it will be confiscated and you may be asked to leave the festival. There will be no refund. (For your enjoyment, food and beverages will be sold on-site)
  • Where can I fill my water gun with water?
    There will be water supply facility set up inside the venue. The water supplied at the festival has been sterilized and therefore, harmless to human body.
  • Can I bring my own water gun?
    Yes, you may bring your own water gun. However, you may not use any liquid other than water. If you do, your water gun will be confiscated and you will be asked to leave the festival.
  • Are pets allowed?
    Pets are not allowed at this festival.
  • Lastly, is there anything else I should know about to better enjoy the festival?
    We truly hope that you have the greatest summer time at our festival. We ask that you be respectful of others for everyone to have a memorable experience. Therefore, should there be reports or complaints from the audience of any physical or non-physical advances that cause discomfort, you will be escorted out of the venue immediately without further warning. We sincerely ask for your cooperation and consideration to host another fantastic year of WATERBOMB. See you soon!


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